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  • Sanitary Pad Bank
  • Awareness Camps


A sanitary napkin, sanitary towel and sanitary pad, menstrual pad or pad is an absorbent item worn by women while menstruating.

We are going to start our campaign and need donation support from all public corporate individuals, government and educational institutions for needy women to provide them free sanitary pads and with awareness about using pads and prevention from infection. Lack of menstrual hygiene management is major reason for majority of the girls skipping schools during periods and eventually dropping out at an early age missing out on their education. Menstruation and menstrual hygiene related discussions are still not common in Indian village and across the large section of urban society even now.

Out of 355 million reproductive age women and girls in India only 12% use sanitary pads during their periods. The rest of them resort to old cloth pieces, husks, ash, dried leaves and grass and newspapers. More shocking is the fact that these unhygienic and unsanitary practices lead to a lot of infection such as fungal infection, urinary track infection, cervical cancer etc. which can cause infertility and death as per survey

  • 87% women and girls using old clothes
  • 60% girls miss school on account of periods
  • 44% girls felt embarrassment
  • 6% girls have never heard of sanitary pads


To distribute sanitary pads and create awareness among women and girls.

  • Awareness Camps:- Conducting awareness camps for women and young girls to educate them about menstrual cycles, maintain hygiene and bring about a paradigm shift from usage of clothes to usage of sanitary pads. Audio visual techniques will be used to bring awareness among underprivileged girls and women.
  • Jagriti Sanitary Pad Bank:- The objective of sanitary bank is to provide sanitary napkins free of cost to the underprivileged women and girls. The sanitary pad bank is a simple idea and within its simplicity lies its inherent brilliance. The initiative aims to become a bridge between donors and volunteers and those in need. The donors can donate and the sanitary pads will reach those in need for the same. To implement this we have a strong core team which ensures that everything goes smoothly. We also believe in transparency and constantly update the necessary details on our website.


To distribute sanitary pads and create awareness among women and girls.

  • To promote better awareness amongst all the genders to overcome embarrassments, cultural practices and taboos around the topic.
  • To reach out as many underprivileged girls/women as possible.
  • To put in place a system to ensure a regular supply of sanitary napkins to girls and women.
  • To ensure access to information on this topic and form a reliable source (by conducting workshops).
  • To provide information about hygienic disposal of sanitary napkins.

What Jagriti will do

Free sanitary napkins will be distributed to rural girls, neo mothers, girls studying in government schools. As we all are aware that most poor and illiterate girls don’t know about pads during her periods, so under this campaign our volunteers will visit rural areas/ slum areas/ government schools and villages for creating awareness among adolescent girls and women about the significance of using sanitary napkins

What Jagriti Has done so far

Jagriti has done extensive work in creating awareness about menstrual hygiene management among rural adolescent girls and women. Educative awareness camps are conducted where a documentary is shown giving full information on how and why periods take place and how to maintain hygiene during this period.

Jagriti with support of Marico (Himachal Pradesh) and Rotary club (Yamunanagar) has not only mobilized women and girls and conducted awareness camps but also has distributed free sanitary pads to bring a paradigm shift in the usage of clothes to usage of sanitary pads.

Our Partners

  • MARICO co. ltd. Himachal Pradesh
  • Rotary Yamunanagar, Haryan


Sanitary Napkin Cost Per Woman/Adolescent Menstruating Girl

Sr. No. Particulars Amount
1 Cost Of One Sanitary Napkin Rs.5
2 Cost of one Packet (6 sanitary Napkins) Rs.30
3 Cost for one month (2 Pkts) Rs.60
4 Cost for a year for a woman/girl Rs.720
5 Administration Charges for conducting workshops, follow up sessions, Transportation, supplies needed during the workshop, audio visual aide charges Rs. 280 per beneficiary for one year
6 Total Cost per year per women/girl/ per year Rs. 1000

How it will work:-

Once a donor gives the required donation, a beneficiary from the underprivileged community will be identified and educated on menstrual hygiene management. Then she will be issued a sanitary pad pass book which will show records of pads given to her every month along with her health details.

Tax Benefits For Donors/Funders

  • 80(G) – 50% Income Tax Exemption
  • FCRA – Foreign donors/ funders solicited for support under FCRA

Jagriti Bank Details for Mode of Payment through NEFT, RTGS, Cheque


ICICI BANK, Gobind puri Road,

Near J.K. Residency Hotel, Yamunanagar, Haryana.

A/c No. 024701001895


MICR 135229002

FCRA Account Details (For foreign donations)

OBC, Ambala Road, Opp. Old Court, JagadhariYamunanagar, Haryana.

A/c No. 05522010028630


MICR ORBC0100552

Awareness Camp Pictures

Appeal for support

Jagrit NGO requests for contribution from all public, corporate, Individuals, Government and educational institution to join noble cause of donating sanitary pads to underprivileged adolescent girls and women and make it a success.

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